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Kyra's Crazy Journal

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Monday, March 14th, 2005
4:15 pm
i found this pretty funny, and i figured all those other "hardcore" ddr fans up in lincoln nebraska would too!

You Know You're Addicted to DDR When...
You buy a pair of shoes / trainers specially for playing DDR. You start taking a change of clothes with you to the arcade. So that you have a fresh T-shirt to wear on your way home instead of being drenched in sweat. You only stop playing due to onset of cramp in your legs. You carry on playing despite having cramp in your legs. When everyone else sings "Boom, Boom". You say "Mighty fine dollar" instead of "I want you in my room" People think you have a stutter when you talk about the game. You dress in the exact same outfit like the characters dancing on the screen in the background all the time. You have at least 10 mats for the Playstation in case one breaks. You steal the panels from the arcade and try to attach it to the playstation so you don't have to play with the controls or buy / use those crappy mats. You try to find all DDR on icq just to increase your icq list numbers and then brag about how you know all the DDR people in the world. The local DDR arcade is now into the bottle water business. You ask your new boyfriend/girlfriend "Have you ever been mellow" The local arcade now has a private room with a DDR machine just for you. You vote for your favorite DDR song on your national top 30 song on the radio. Your personal ambition is to be a butterfly. Your way of getting to know people is by dancing with them. You dance on your hands. You have ripped 14 pants trying to street dance (playing with hands and feet) You have, through MAJOR alterations, managed to make your DDR mat at home exactly the same as the one in the arcade... down to the plastic arrow your swiped from your neghbourhood arcade... You refuse to wake up from your sleep every morning to go to school, because you dream that you have eternal credits in the DDR machine. You find yourselve banned from your neighborhood arcade for spoiling 7 machines with your extreme dancing style. People at the arcade start asking you to change their money instead of going to the operators. You dance on the 2nd side of the machine, while player 1 is playing his own, single player game... Songs that you used to dislike are good now, since they were featured in DDR... You start to wear a white hat, one glove and grabbing you crotch a lot. When seeing an attractive women in high heels, your first thought is 'how can she play in those'. At the arcade, you have more entourage than Madonna, Britney Spears, and Beyonce all put together. You see arrows when you close your eyes. You see arrows regardless of eyes open or closed. You tap away steps on your fingers regardless of where you are. You start doing DDR steps, in the middle of nowhere, regardless of where you are You have important work to do, but load up DDR or Stepmania instead for a "quickie" You can name any song on any mix, and sing along. You know what Delight Delight Reduplication and Diet Diet Revolution are. You had most/all of DDR Extreme on your pc before it even came out. You can remember the exact date when DDR Extreme came out. You whistle DDR tunes You have DDR ringing tones on your mobile. You play DDR Music while you work on your PC. You copy DDR Music to play in your car or on your mini/cd player You have every single DDR game on your consoles You are in love with one of the DDR background characters, and/or you can name them all. You download DDR competition videos. You have AAA'ed a Expert/Heavy song on the arcade machine. You have mastered all the songs on doubles on any level. You only play DDR at the arcade, no other game is interesting enough. You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends who are addicted to DDR.

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11:40 am

Guys Like That You're Fun

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i already know how cool i am!

romantic kiss

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11:02 am
Your Inner Gangsta by crash_and_burn
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What is a good quote for you?
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Say what??"You smell like butt!"
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ha ha i smell like butt!

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
3:43 pm - Jeramiah was a bullfrog...dun nuh nuh nuh........
yeah well haven't written in this thing in forever. i just wanted to take this time to wish everybody a merry christmas. i miss you all and i hope to see you soon. happy holidays guys.

Love ya,

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Sunday, October 10th, 2004
10:23 pm
Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates a8 1/2
your best quality isyoure hilarious
your worst quality issomeone cheated you
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Wednesday, October 6th, 2004
2:22 pm
hey. i just thought i would let the crew know that i made it back safe. yeah i know i've been back for over a week i've just been busy. so yes, i'm still alive. hope everything with that whole...what do ya call it.....college? thingy, hope thats goin good! love you guys. peace

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Tuesday, June 15th, 2004
2:03 am - its gonna burn for me to say this.......but its comin from my heart....
i know weird that i'm updating so much, let alone 2 in 1 day! wow kyra. but toke just said something to me tonight that i had to add in here. i had many feelings towards what he said. i almost wanted to cry to think that someone could say something so sweet and so awesome about me. but then it again it made me feel so great. b/c i know i will never find a friend like him or like any of my other friends. especially the crew! but what toke said was so damn true! guy/girl!

fattyt21: so i was talking to my sister about you tonight at VI around 1
fattyt21: and i decided you're by far the coolest person ever
fattyt21: lol
fattyt21: cuz you can be one of the guys and be super cool and be like the drinkin buddy, the burpin and fartin guy, i mean, you're one of the guys
fattyt21: or you can be flirty, and easy to talk to, and understanding, and all of that too
fattyt21: it's awesome!
fattyt21: lol
fattyt21: so you are now in my book the coolest person ever
fattyt21: :-)
cechick47: ohhhh
cechick47: toke you're gonna make me cry!
fattyt21: lol
fattyt21: i didn't mean it like that!
fattyt21: don't get all sappy on me
fattyt21: you girl!
cechick47: lol
cechick47: you know what i mean!
fattyt21: indeed
cechick47: thats like the sweetest, coolest, most wonderful thing anybody has ever said about me!
fattyt21: lol
fattyt21: well it's true!
fattyt21: you can be one of the guys when you want to be, or you can be this understanding easy to talk to girl when you need to
fattyt21: seriously, coolest girl ever
fattyt21: it's amazing

it is amazing! CG lol! you asshole toke! lol. but i love ya. but i do have to admit, it was a self-esteem booster. but yes it is true. i can be a girl, which i hope that i am! but then again, i am one of the guys. and plus, someone needs to keep all you guys in line, but not in a g/f like way, in more of a i'm gonna kick your ass kind of way! :) i just wanted to thank you guys so much. i remember when i first met you all. oh that christmas break! seems like forever ago! (memories) lol. but thank you guys. you guys were very excepting, shit look at me. ME? a part of the crew, SAY WHAT! thanx guys! ya know i love ya, shit nobody will love you guys the way i do! lol. BUTTSEX! lol. i like how i'm just rambling on and on, lack of sleep. and all these sex on the beachese are kickin in! lol. i'll talk to ya guys later. hopefully sooner than later. lyl.

<3 Kyra

current mood: touched/thankful

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Monday, June 14th, 2004
12:04 pm - livin the life
hey guys. i'm just chillin here in pheonix. yup. its awesome here. we went to cali on friday and went to universal studios and disneyland over the weekend. we got back into pheonix last night. we spent 16 hours in disneyland on saturday. wow, i was so tired. disneyland was so much fun. its like you are 7 years old and its your birthday. i got really good pics of a whole bunch of disney characters. and the rides were awesome. the Indiana Jones ride was probably my favorite! other than all that i've been doing some shopping and just going swimming in my uncle's pool every morning when i wake up. thats pretty nice. i leave tomorrow to go back home. this week has gone by really fast. but it was well worth it.

sierra is still living with me. that is going just fine. we are doing great. this week is also a good week for us to have off from eachother. i love that girl though. she is so much fun. and us together! wow! crazy girls. oh yeah, sierra is gonna come to lincoln with me so you guys get to meet her. shes really excited to meet all you guys, shes heard about you all and of course, shes seen pics!

well i think i'm gonna go guys. i haven't done my daily morning/afternoon swim yet. so i think i'm gonna go do that! ttyl guys.

<3 Kyra

current mood: relaxed

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
10:44 pm - you say that you love me but you cannot leave him........
hey guys. so i leave tomorrow for pheonix! yay. i am so excited. hanging out with my uncles, swimming, shopping. and we are gonna take a trip to cali and go to disneyland! i am so excited. i am going to take pictures with mickey mouse and then of course, tinkerbell! i will be gone for a week. i can do a lot of things in a week! and it is going to be so hot down there. so i figure i'll get soooooo soooo sun burnt now, and then maybe if i am lucky, since kyra is soooo incredibally white, you all know this, maybe i'll be able to tan then. cause i know i will be toasted when i go to pheonix.

so today i get a phone call from stephs phone but it was kelsy. here's the beginning of the convo
me- "hey whats going on" kelsy- "fuck you" ?????? thats how she started it. she fucking calls my phone up TRIES to bitch me out for something i had no part in and then asks to talk to sierra, ON MY PHONE, AFTER SHE YELLS AT ME???? am i missing something?? so she got a fuckin piece of my mind. i laid her straight and was yelling at her like no other and then she goes "well can i talk to sierra" and yell back NO, an di hang up. fuck her. then she calls back and i ask her wtf she wants and she sits there and tried to apologize. i'm sorry, wait no i'm not, but anyways, you don't fuckin sit there bitch somebody out on there telephone and expect them to hand the phone over to someone else. it doesn't work like that. yeah she apologized and yeah i finally let her talk to sierra but she kows im not accepting her apology. i have been so mad at her lately and that put it over the edge. fuck her!

i had to get my rage o ut! i talke d to bryan and talk the past couple of days. they were really good conversations. btw, toke you never sent me those pics. geez! me and toke talked for a really long time. it was good though! all smiles!

well i'm tired and i don't have to wake up early, but in a way it is kind of early considering i've been sleeping in until 12-2:30, and i have to wake up by like 9:30 or 10 tomorrow. so i'm gonna go finish watching this movie and go to sleep. ttyl. love you all.

<3 Kyra

current mood: excited yet annoyed

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
omg guess what i did last night you guys? I GRADUATED!!!!!!!! i am so happy. its so weird it doesn't even feel like it. i can't even explain it. i cried i laughed, it was fun.thursday was our last day of school and that night was crazy! then we went cfamping the following morning and didn't get back until sunday. omg camping was so much fun i'll have to tell you all about it some day! i hadn't been sober until yesterday! since thursday! thats pretty bad. went to rehearsal yesterday all hungover, it sucked! but it was all worth it. theres ANOTHER senior keg to night that idk if i'm going to or not. but we'll see. i miss you all so much. i leave for pheonix on the 9th and then when i get back i thi nk i'll work for like 2 more weeks and then see if i can get time off of work to come back down there in july before jon leaves. i miss you all so much and i can't wait to see you all. i don't know what else to write about so i think i will leave you all with a........KISS MY ASS I'M DONE WITH SCHOOL AND GRADUATED BEFORE YOU ALL!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

current mood: ecstatic

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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
9:48 am - Hey guys....guess who!
wow. it has been a long time since i've updated. its like a record. i miss you all so much. man i don't even know what to write about anymore. i'm so excited that this year is almost over!!! yay!
11 days until school is out!
15 days until graduation!
god i can't wait. then i'm going camping with a whole bunch of people when we get out of school on the 27th for the whole weekend. we are gonna go to the falls. its so incredibly pretty there. and we are gonna drink our little hearts out to celebrate! i can't wait. then my graduation party in on the 31st, and my mom is getting me a keg! and i'm really excited because my dad is going to be here! i really wish my sister could see me graduate though. she really wants to be here amd i wish she could be here too. i know how weird that sounds but yeah! and then there is graduation on the 1st! and i am going commando under my gown! and i'm gonna sport the aviatiors! i really really really wanna go commando i just hope i don't get caught. and it all depends on the gown too, b/c i think we get new gowns this year that are a little more see through, so we'll see. but i hope not too bad~!
i leave for pheonix on the 9th to go see my uncles until the 15th. gradution present from them! we are gonna go to cali and go to disneyland so i am pretty excited about that. warped tour is on july 20th! yay! and i'm gonna try to get to lincoln to come see you guys like the last week of july or early august. i miss you all so much but i am so crazily busy this summer it isn't even funny.
i'm sitting in class right now and i decided to update since i havent in forever. i nevr get on the internet anymore. i work to much. i like my job at scheels. i like selling shoes. i make good money. commission is a wonderful thing!
amerz i thought of you today when i was putting my belt on. the one that i got at zumiez in the mall of america. and it made me happy but at the same time sad. i miss you all sooo incredibly much. its not the same w/o the crew and the girls. i hope things are going good there.
i've been trying to stay out of trouble but it being spring and all and being a senior its getting harder and harder! me and my mom have been fighting more lately. but what else is new. we fight like mad then are great. its so off and on i'm getting used to it. cinco de mayo! holy god. it was a wednesday and i had school the next morning. didn't go to bed until 4 woke up at 6. had wayyyyy tooo much beer and my man jose cuervo. played way to many games of quarters. and i schooled everyone. i beat everyone at the party it was crazy. i new i was good at quarters but wow. bryan started calling me the royal~! i thought that was funny. wonderful! but the following day was hell. and the longest day of my whole entire life. went to school, still drunk, bad choice, had to work at 2. longest day ever, felt like crap until about 5. until i ate some real food to soak up all that alcohol. then on thursday there was hawaiian party but there was no way i could do it again. but friday we celebrated sierras 18th and got trashed again. drank a bottle of yegger and a shit ton of beer. then smoke 2 bowls. and i drove! good thing i am a good driver all messed up. i got props on my driving. and ik what u guys are thinking tht i'm fucking retarded so yeah. i already know so don't chew my ass for that one. saturday we drank a little but i was only buzzin. stayed the night at ashleys on monday with tj and scotty too. we drank a few beers that night too. but we always doo when they have baseball games. but yea h i don't think i'll be drinking for a little while.
this saturday me and kelsy and sierra are going to redlodge for a day. sierra really wanted to go as a b-day gift so thats what we are doing. this town is sooo cool. all the little shops and different places to go. i would try to explain it better to you guys but its to hard! then when i get back from there i have to go work a car wash to help get money for our senior bear bash! so i am so busy until the end of the year.
i don't have mush school stuff to do which is good b/c i'm so busy with work and other things too. but we have this commercial we have to do that is sue next thursday and i work every day this week and i'm booked saturday so we have to do it during class. and if we don't do it we fail the class. so shit!
but i think i'm gonna go now. if you actually made it this far i give you props but i'm also sorry for wasting your time reading this far. i love you guys so much and i will try to call you as soon as i can. but if you guys want to call me to, and if i don't pick up leave me a message b/c i would love to get a message from you guys! i lov eyou guys. peace.

<3 Kyra

current mood: lonely

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Tuesday, March 23rd, 2004
6:08 pm
Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
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but then there is also this one......i like it better!!......

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oh yeah baby! ok i'm done. ik, ik, i just took up sooo much space on your screen. sorry but i was bored and what can i say. they are addicting! talk to you guys later.

<3 Kyra

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6:05 pm
What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Ima fuck you in HALF."
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Sunday, March 21st, 2004
1:54 am - long time no talk
wow its been a long time since i've updated. i kind of dont even know where to start. i always have to strain my brain to think of what to type in this thing anymore. graduation! on my brain lately. my last day of school is may 28th and i graduate the 1st of june. i wish soooo bad that you guys could see me graduate. and ihope im gonna be able to see you guys graduate. i'm gonna try. i miss u all so much. found out tonight that chris isn't going to graduate. what a fuckin dumbass. hes stupid. not even gonna start on that subject. dont want to get angry or anything of the sort!

i really don't know what to type about. i've been very lonely lately. i want a b/f. one who treats me good. makes me happy. doesn't play mind games w/ me. but also somebody i can have fun w/ and goof off around and be myself. do you know how hard it is to find that right now?! HARD! like how hard pat would be seeing a naked fat sweaty guy w/ huge balls and a HUGE FAT HAIRY PENIS!!!! :) but it sux!

and i'm not going to prom. cause i'm a loser like that. but oh well. shit happens i guess. that's all i really have to say right now. like i said, never know what to type in this thing anymore. seems useless. but i miss you all and i hate it that inever get to talk to any of you anymore. b ut i hope that changes soon. i love you guys. goodnight.

<3 Kyra

current mood: blank

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Monday, February 23rd, 2004
8:06 pm - i'm so lonely.....seriously........
since i've been 18 i have had my fun. went dancing, bought some cigars, went to the porn store, and i have gone gambling. i'm just waiting for my tattoo baby!

oh and chris, is an asshole. i hate him. and i hate nick to hes retarded. thats all i got. i'll leave ya w/ this..........

Yoko Ono once joked: "I wonder why men get serious at all. They have this delicate, long thing hanging outside their bodies which goes up and down by its own will. If I were a man I would always be laughing at myself."

current mood: bitchy

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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
11:44 pm - sick as a dog
i'm sick. and it sux. i haven't been able to keep anything down. and it sux. i'm sooo hungry and i can't even eat anything cause it just comes right up again. gross. i think i caught it at work. theres this flu shit goin around. and of course i caught it. suprise suprise. my stomach hurts so bad i can't even fall asleep. thats how it was last night too. and the whole right side of my hand has hurt since yesterday. i haven't gone tos chool all week and i'm not going tomorrow either. thank god i have like no classes. 3 classes but only 2 that i'll have to make stuff up in. but i think i'm gonna go try to go to sleep again. typing even is starting to make my head hurt. goodnight everyone.

<3 Kyra

current mood: sick

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12:05 am - long time no type
this whole journal thing isn't what is used to be, atleast to me that is. i never update anymore. i don't know why. like sarah said. i open up to a blank page to update and i just sit their with nothing. then i end up not updating at all. idk why. its like i want to but sometimes i don't know what to say. or i don't know how to say what i'm feeling cause my thoughts are scattered everywhere throughout my head. i hate that. lately its like i've been happy? i think? but then i sit down and actually think about everything and i don't know what to make of it. its been so hard for me to go to school lately. i just don't want to get out of bed. and i didn't get any sleep what so ever over the weekend so my mom let me stay home today and sleep. and then what happens, i'm at work tongiht and i get the worst stomach ache ever. so when i'm not sick i don't go to school and then i do get sick. mother f-er. that just pisses me off. so i have just been realy sick tonight and feel like crap and now i can't sleep. and i need to go to school tomorrow but i have just felt like i'm gonna hurl. i think i caught i from amanda at work cause their is this flu thing going around scheels and everyone is getting sick. like throw up sick. so GREAT. just my luck.
then theres this whole chris thing. totally blew my mind that they broke up. and i don't now what to think. i'm not really stressin about it though. i just don't know what i'm gonna do. i talked to richard about him. and he is really strong on the idea that i call him and talk to him and see if he wants to hang out. which is what i wanna do but i'm afraid. just cause of everything that has happened in the past. richards theory is that we both are too afraid of how the other is feeling b/c of everything that has happened. i want to believe him but i just don't want to go through that heart ache again. i mean, its been since october since weve hung out. and it seems like way longer. i know its cause it was so hard on me so it seemed like it was longer. i just don't want to go through that again. but the other part of me just wants to be the bigger person and get over my stubborness (which me and chris both have really bad) and just call him. idk what i'm gonna do. i need guidance.
and on top of everything else me and my mom aren't getting along so great lately. its not really bad but itsnot good. we just fight over the stupidest things. idk. i need a vacation. ok not like that. i know i just got back from one. what i mean is i need a nebraska vacation. with the rest of the crew and the girls. u guys better feel loved.
well i already can't sleep b/c my stomach hurts so bad. so i'm gonna go watch freaky friday. goodnight u guys. sorry if u actually read all of my complaining and my crap thats happening in my life. goodnight.

<3 Kyra

current mood: lost

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Friday, January 30th, 2004
5:47 pm - happy birthday to you..happy birthday dear tokerzz..happy birthday to youuuu!!!!!!!
happy birthday toke i wish i were there to celebrate it w/ you. but obviously i can't be. just wanted you to know that i didn't forget and that i care! love you buddy. have an awesome 18th! :)

<3 Kyra

current mood: WONDERFUL

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Friday, January 23rd, 2004
8:58 am
girl next door
You are the Girl Next Door. You're the sweet one.
The quiet one. The one that he doesn't realize
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What Type Of Retro Gal Are You?
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i'm sorry, but quiet?? me? i don't think so!

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8:36 am - thanx guys...............
yeah, so i was here for a night. i'm leaving today. in less than an hour i have to be at the airport. i'm glad that i got to see some of u guys. u all are such good friends i couldn't ask for better people to have in my life. i think last night was the first night that i didn't cry when everyone started to leave! go me! :) i wish i could've seen everybody but things happen. toke i'm glad that u got to stay for longer. we always have really good talks. thanx a lot hunny for listening to me go on and on and on and on and on!!!! i love you babe! amerz......oh my amerz.......i love you so much hunny. u r such an awesome person. i am so incredibly happy that we have become such good friends. i will miss u w/ all my heart love. i love you :) *kiss* and everyone else that i got to see. jess, eric, bybee, jon, jordan, kos, and i cant forget about brooke! thank u guys for taking the time to come see little ole me! it was nice to see everyone again. i love you all and can't wait to see u guys again. until next time.....goodbye.........

current mood: calm

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